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          The following services tailored to you and meet your actual needs
          ● The whole plant process design, equipment ratio and capacity analysis services;
          ● Upgrade and reconstruction of customers' existing equipment;
          ●Provide guidance for customer equipment basic installation;
          ●Equipped with qualified professional and technical personnel to provide customers with installation and commissioning services;
          ● Provide training for equipment management personnel, operators and maintenance personnel for customers;
          ●Provide equipment welding process and specification guidance;
          ●If there is a problem with the equipment during the one-year warranty, the damaged parts (except the wearing parts) of manufacturing quality will be repaired or replaced free of charge;
          ● After the expiration of the warranty period, if there is a failure and the factory maintenance staff cannot resolve it, a reply will be given within 4 hours after receiving the notice, and the customer will be rushed to the site for service within 24 hours plus the travel time. Only charge the cost and service fee of replacement parts;
          ●Long-term supply of spare parts and wearing parts, responsible for equipment life-long maintenance;
          ●Visit users regularly to solicit opinions and improve in time.
          Yangtong regards service as the life of the enterprise, has a professional high-quality service team, quick response, and timely service are our actions!